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By Craig M. Wax, DO

Water is the most important element in our survival and for maintaing your health.  Most people in the USA are dehydrated on a daily basis. The first reason is that people may not have ready access at all times.  Second, people do not care to urinate more than twice a day (the laziness factor).  Third, people do not make it a priority in their daily activities.

Why is water so important?  The story begins on the most basic level, the cell.  Our body organs are made up of little units called cells.  They rely on a fresh supply of clean water at all times.  The water helps bring nutrients to and take away waste products from the cells.  Cells need a certain amount of water to carry out their jobs, i.e. converting energy, building new cells and carrying out the specific organís tasks for the body.

We are composed primarily of water.  It makes our blood, lymph and cerebrospinal fluid move.  It enables us to use our senses; see, hear, feel, taste, etc.  Prior to birth, we live and breathe in water for 9 months prior to being born.  We come from water, and therfore, need a constant water intake.

The body constanly loses some water in carrying out its metabolic processes.  We lose water (and salt) in sweat, breath, urine and feces; just to name a few.  The body's water supply must be constantly replenished.  We can survive for weeks, even months without food, but die in only a few weeks without water.

We get water through the liquids we drink and the food we eat.  Vegetables and fruit, for example, have a high water content.  Beverages that have a alrge amount of added sugar, like sodas and colas, have so much sugar that they do not have much water at all.  In fact, caffeine in beverages coffee/tea/cola acts as a diuretic, or makes your body eliminate water as urine.  Alcoholic beverages are also duiretics.  This may add to dehydration (not enough water).

Most people should add 4 to 6 liters of clean water every day (about 1 1/2 gallons) to their diet.  Reducing or eliminating your caffeine and alcohol intake will also help.  This will enable you to maximize your health.

Good health is only a glass of water away!

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