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Craig M. Wax, DO

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) is the comprehensive name for osteopathic holistic care that includes OMT or Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment. OMT is a large set of modalities or types of hands on treatment that are applied by an osteopathic physician to correct somatic dysfunction. There are many types of OMT, some are passive and some are active. The passive techniques are applied by the physician and require no effort on the patient's part. The active techniques require patient movement or resistance. OMT techniques can also be categorized as direct or indirect. That is, the technique directly affects the somatic dysfunction to correct it, or indirectly affects the somatic dysfunction and allows the dysfunction to correct itself.

OMT involves the osteopathic physician(DO) using his/her eyes to observe the patient and somatic dysfunction characteristics. Then the DO palpates or feel with his/her hands further characteristics of the problem. Some of the details to diagnosis includes tenderness, asymmetry, restriction of motion and temperature. A diagnosis is noted and the DO formulates a plan to correct the somatic dysfunctions using OMT techniques. These techniques may include, counterstrain, muscle energy, facilitated positional release, high velocity/low amplitude, fluid flow, and crainial treatments. In plain terms, OMT varies from positional treatments to isometric resistance to thrusting techniques. The patient may feel relief at the time of OMT or the next day, after a good nights sleep. The goal of the Osteopathic physician is to remove the barriers to health and allow the body to restore itself to full functionality.

Revised 06/22/03