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Sensible Diet Choices

By Craig M. Wax, DO

 Avoid                                    Instead

Soda / cola                               Water
White Bread / rolls                    Wheat bread
Potatoes / pasta                         Vegetables
            White sugar                    Honey / raw turbinato
Candy                                    Fruit
            Grapes, watermelon          Grapefruit, oranges, apples
        Sugar ("kids") cereals            Fiber cereals / raisin bran
Pancakes / waffles                        Oatmeal
       Apple or cranberry juice      Grapefruit or orange juice
    Red meat                                 Chicken
Pork / bacon / sausage                  Turkey
        Shellfish                                Fish (tuna)
             Fats (butter)                  Unsaturated oils (olive)
Whole eggs / yolks                    Egg whites
Whole milk                     1% or skim milk
Cheese (high fat)                  Yogurt (low fat)
Canned foods                         Fresh foods

 Other hints
Avoid eating after 7:00 pm
Have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner
Drink lots of water ? 8 x 8oz. glasses per day
Dont forget to exercise ? 30 minutes per day
Think of pasta and potatoes as white, processed sugar ? use sparingly

  Quick meal idea
 Open a  can of tuna on a fresh salad

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