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Health Degree Designations

To follow is a useful chart to understand the initials after a health practictioner’s name.  These usually indicate what degree they have earned, or what kind of health practitioner they are.  Nowadays, there is an alphabet soup of initials to know.  Check out the table and learn which may be involved in your care.  Remember, you are the patient (customer): You are using your healthcare dollars to get care.  Make sure that you feel comfortable with the health practictioners that you choose and their disciplines.

Ac.T.             Accupuncture Therapist
A. D.             Ayurvedic Doctor
A.T. C.         Certified Athletic Trainer
B. S.             Bachelor of Science
B. W. T.       Body Work Therapist
C. A.             Certified Accupuncturist
C. F. P.         Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
C. H. T.         Certified Hypnotherapist
C. M. T.         Certified Massage Therapist
C. N. M. Certified Nurse Midwife
C. N. P.         Certified Nurse Practitioner
C. N. M. T.   Certified Neuromuscular Therapist
C. R.              Certified Rolfer
D. A. C.         Doctor of Accupuncture
D. C.             Doctor of Chiropractic
D. C. A.         Doctor of Chiropractic Assistant
D. D. S.         Doctor of Dental Surgery
D. M. D.        Doctor of Medical Dentistry
D. O. M.        Doctor of Oriental Medicine
D. O.             Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
L. Ac.             Licensed Accupuncturist
L. C. S. W.    Licensed Clinical Social Worker
L. M. T.         Licensed Massage Therapist
L. P. N.          Licensed Practical Nurse
M. A.             Master of Arts
M. D.              Medical Doctor
M. Ed.            Master of Education
M. S.             Master of Science
M. S. W.        Master of Social Work
M. T.              Massage Therapist
N. D.             Naturopathic Doctor
O. M. D.        Doctor of Oriental Medicine
O. T.             Occupational Therapist
P. A.             Physician’s Assistant
Ph. D.            Doctor of Philosophy
Psy. D.         Doctor of Psychology
P. T.             Physical Therapist
P. T. A.         Physical Therapist Assistant
R. N.             Registered Nurse
R. N. P Registered Nurse Practitioner 

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