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Increasing Fiber / Decreasing Constipation

Dietary Choices


brown rice(1 cup long grain) 3 g, oat bran(1 cup) 7g,
oatmeal(1 cup) 5g, wheat bran(1 cup) 25g, raisin bran (1 cup) 5g,
whole wheat bread (1 slice) 2g


asparagus(8 large) 2g, broccoli(1 cup) 4g, carrots(1 cup) 4g,
corn(1 cup whole kernel) 8g, potatoes(1 large) 4g, squash(butternut) 7g


kidney beans(1 cup) 15g, pinto beans(1 cup) 20g,
black-eyed peas( cup) 16g, soy beans(1 cup dried) 6g


prunes(5 dried) 3g, raspberries(1 cup) 6g, apple(with skin) 3g,
avocado(1 large) 8g, cherries(1 cup pitted) 2g


Psyllium seed fiber (Metamucil, etc.)
Fiber powder for drink mix
Fiber wafers
Methyl cellulose (Citrucel, etc.)

Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day

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