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    Care recommendations for dry or irritated skin
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Dove for Sensitive Skin
Lubriderm unscented
Cetaphil liquid or bar
Glycerin soap
Moisturel clear liquid wash
Jergens Mild
Neutrogena (glycerin soap)

Aveeno oatmeal cream
Aveeno oatmeal bath
Moisturel lotion or cream
Lubriderm daily UV (SPF)
Curel fragrance free lotion
Cetaphil lotion or cream
Cutemol hand cream
Eucerin Cream
Gold Bond lotion

Normal Shampoo
Clinique unscented
Dandruff Shampoo
Selsun blue
Head and shoulders

Showering/Bathing Technique
Short, less than 10 minutes, no more than once a day
Water temperature: cool to warm, not hot

Unscented Detergent (Tide, Cheer, All, Arm and Hammer)
No fabric softeners in the washer or static control sheets in the dryer

For hand involvement:
Cotton gloves should be worn against the skin with a latex or rubber glove over top if needed. Cotton gloves should be worn for all work with the hands including (but not limited to) any cleaning around work or home, any preparation of food, etc. Do not wear a rubber or latex glove directly against the skin.

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